Dear Governor Cuomo,

You’ve heard an earful about common core standards, testing, and teacher evaluations over the past 6-8 months.  What you’re not hearing enough about is that parental rights are about to be stripped away by the New York State Education Department and the 3rd party corporations who plan on holding our children’s personally identifiable information.

We cannot let this happen.  Imagine this:  a young 12 year old gets into a fight in the school cafeteria after being bullied for years – he finally steps up and takes a stance against his bully.  He’s defending himself.  He is suspended.  That suspension record will be “out there” on a database which eventually will be available to college admissions boards, future employers and the like.

According to the very application former Governor Paterson signed, several agencies will have access to student data – all without parental consent.

“NYSED is working with social service agencies, workforce development organizations, health agencies, criminal justice agencies, and community organizations to coordinate all parts of education, from early childhood through graduate school. The goal is to create a P-20 system that will follow individuals from birth through adulthood and provide the support needed to improve education and other life outcomes.”

“There currently is a lack of shared knowledge among all the agencies and stakeholders who are responsible for children and adults. Therefore, the essential bases of this P-20 coordination must be: the seamless sharing of information through a multi-institutional database, and follow-up actions developed through an analysis of that information. NYSED’s major tool will be a continuously updated electronic transcript that will follow an individual from early childhood through all aspects of education and into the workforce and include an “early warning system” of data indicators that will enable each agency or organization within the system to intervene early, as soon as the individual appears to need help.”

Regardless of the fact that FERPA was amended to permit states to “re-disclose” student data, every other state in our nation has backed out of plans to share student data with InBloom.

“In the Preamble to the final regulations, ED clarified that the redisclosure of PII under §99.31(a)(6)(ii) does not require the consent of the educational agencies and institutions that disclosed the PII to the FERPA-permitted entities. The FERPA amendments become effective on January 3, 2012.”

Why are New York children being utilized as guinea pigs?  Why are you permitting this to happen?  I am pleading with you to put a stop to this – you have the power, Sir.  Use it.

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