After reading this from a Longwood Teacher, my faith is restored. I personally thank you! Thank you to this incredible teacher from Longwood School District.

My favorite line: “These standards are intrinsic in a teacher.”

The Common Core standards are a joke. They are standards. We have always had standards. They are words on a page. They don’t teach. They are not higher or more rigorous or more “college and career ready” or “globally competitive.” And they are not the best materials I’ve seen in my 16 years of teaching. They are just more specific. It’s every awesome teacher that breathes life into those words and develops lesson plans around those words that makes the classroom an enjoyable and positive learning environment. These standards are intrinsic in a teacher. I don’t need words to tell me to be more rigorous, promote critical thinking, connect literature to real world application, or differentiate instruction. What the hell does King think teachers have been doing before he came along? The level of mistrust is unbelievable. We are trained professionals with Master degrees in our field and are treated like proctors. I would like King tell a surgeon how to do his job, or a police officer how to do their job. They would laugh in his face. king walks around to these classrooms and takes credit for what he sees going on in there and will give credit to the Common Core before he praises the teacher. It’s the awesome teacher that makes the classroom great not a bunch of words. It reminds me of Austin Powers when Doctor Evil says his father would walk around making outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Dr. King walks around claiming he invented good teaching. The insidious problem with common core standards is when they try to link it to a common core curriculum. But that is a rant for another day. In conclusion, Happy Thanksgiving!