Wife. Mother. Attorney. Educator.

Top priority: Protecting children.

I began researching the issues  of data collection approximately 8 months ago when a friend pointed me to a group of parents concerned about the common core standards and high stake testing (thank you – you know who you are!) While the common core standards and testing are both a great concern of mine, learning about the depth of the data collection and the risks involved began my journey into sleep deprivation.   I researched the contracts NYSED entered into with USDOE and our school districts, read numerous documents on EngageNY, NYSED.gov, and various other articles all across the internet.  What I learned was shocking.

The purpose of this blog is to provide information as it is found and to share with parents, educators, and anyone else who is interested in protecting children.

To protect the people responsible for educating my child, I have not mentioned the name of my district.  It is unnecessary – they didn’t create this mess.  They all work hard at what they do and I respect them all immensely.

Please join NY Parents Opposed to Data Sharing without Consent  group on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/662822233747443/


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